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My name is Chelsea & I am a hobbyist finch & softbill breeder as well as avian enthusiast located in Tacoma, WA. I specialize in hand raising finches. I keep a flock of Strawberry Finches, Mousebirds & Button Quail. Please enjoy your visit and contact me with any questions.

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Breeder Services

24/7 Advice

Free advice any time through phone or email contact. This includes any kind of first time breeders, minor/common medical emergencies, hand raising, etc. 

Free Food Samples

Although I am not a retailer or reseller of any kind, I do offer free samples to everyone who buys my offspring. If you're picking up, I can also provide enough food and water to make the trip home. Samples are available as often as I have enough supplies to share. 

General Care Recommendations

Suggestions for husbandry, cage design, aggression, breeding, hand raising, molting, diet, minor medical treatments, quarantine procedures, and anything else you may ask about are available for free. This is also discussed during the vetting process. 

Pairing Suggestions

Basic recommendations based on mutation, aggression, age, etc. are available if you ask. I am in no way an expert on mutations but I can speak from personal experience and refer you to resources for the information I am not acquainted with. Husbandry can be a real juggle and I have done my fair share of it! 

Superior Genetics

All breeding pairs are from registered breeders who are regulated & educated by aviculturist organizations. I provide more detailed information in my Breeder Reviews section located in the main navigation at the top of each page. 

Registered Breeder

Member of the NFSS & AFA which are national aviculturist organizations, as well as the CCBA & CCC which are local. Anyone who enjoys or keeps finches should do the same and support these types of nonprofits who in turn support breeders! 

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